I'm a finnish guy age of 39 and lived here on the coast since -98. During this time I have earned lots of experience from the region and local life style. I have great hand skills and head full of ideas to solve any kind of problem. I have lived in three and worked in seven countries what gives some additional value. Sport and nature are really important for me. Now after 12 marathons I might say that I'm also marathonist.    



Education: Engineer of robotics and automation B.Sc.

Here below some details of my background and experiences:

- Paper factory: reparations of pipe lines, pumps, construction and welding of stainless steel/acid resist steel pipe lines, adjustement of automatic packaging machines and revision planning.

- Nuclear power plant: revision for reactors cooling valves.

- Gas and coal power plant: gas turbine installation, installation of smoke cleaner.

- International power tool company: developing of electrical power hand tools, technical training of use of power tools.

- International design lighting company: customer care, developing lighting fixtures, check the installations, project follow up.

-  Renewable energy: sun power heating systems for pool, development of wind power park.

- Villa in Mougins: full time property handyman.

- Beetle project: year -69 beetle construction a-z.

- Home project: total renovation of year 1500 build apartment.

- Coming soon: interesting lighting product.