JCK-Multitech is a one man company which provides all kind of  quality handyman services on the French Riviera. 


What to do when...

 - It is a week-end and there are still arrangements to do before quests arrive.

- Saturday evening, lights cut off and can't find any electrician.

- want to keep your property in condition, but do not need a person for a full time position.

- Need someone to help but do not know anyone  reliable.

Sounds familiar? Small unwanted things arrive always in an unexpected time. You might need your own PH "personal handyman" who allready knows your home and all your installations. Person who can help maybe after a one phonecall.


Your personal handyman.

More than 12 years living on the French Riviera and work experience of villa property services, I know there are always need of quality services. On the region having lots of professionals from different backgrounds can also be a risk. I've been a victim myself of this kind of services and do not want others to have a same kind of difficult situation what I had to go through.

All my services are legal and insured in France.  With my earned experience and education I guarantee the quality of my work and solutions in any kind of troubles. Your 100% satisfaction of my work and services are most important. I'm honest and reliable worker  who respects your privacy.